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Bird recording

Our work of recording and publishing details of the birds of the Club Recording Area is entirely dependent upon the number and quality of sighting records we receive. We therefore encourage both member and non-member birders to send us details of all of there sightings, with those of common species being as important as the rare.


All valid records are now entered on our computer system and urge everyone to help us by sending in records promptly, either immediately or monthly, to help with this task. Records received later than the end of February after the relevant year-end may not be included in the annual Birds in Huddersfield report.


Make sure you include your own details - anonymous records are not accepted.


Please send all records to our Recorder - see Contacts page.


Where possible, records should include date, time, location, weather conditions and notes of any unusual behaviour, as well as species, race where relevant, numbers, where possible sex and any indication of breeding activity, such as singing, territorial display, nests, food carrying or presence of young. When birds fly off or are seen flying over, a note of the direction of flight is valuable.


Names and Ordnance Survey grid references of most birding locations within the area can be found on this printable PDF file by clicking here


Sightings of scarce species or races should be reported immediately directly to the Recorder.


Many birders are also photographers and we welcome digital photographs as record shots and for possible inclusion in our annual reports or in this website.


Members are encouraged to post sightings and photos on our Forum, which is also open to view by non-members.


Please read and follow the guidance on Reporting and Recording Sensitive Species. Full details of such should be provided immediately to our Recorder, in confidence that they will be treated appropriately.


For some rarer species and races a full description and/or photographs are required to support sightings if they are to accepted for inclusion on the annual report.


The Huddersfield List (a printable pdf file) provides a checklist of all species and races that have been accepted as recorded in the Club Area since records began. It also shows where a description is required by the Club, the Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union (YNU) or the British Birds Rarities Committee (BBRC). The Club will require a full description for any new species or race not on the list. Details of the wider description requirements of the YNU and BBRC can be found by following these links:





                                     contact details for Yorkshire Vice-County 63 Recorder John Wynt





The Huddersfield List can be printed off and used as a year or life checklist.


Enjoy birding around Huddersfield and please let us have those records !

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